Seriously Decapitated

While JD's sunning himself in Portugal I'm still enjoying summer at Whitecliff Bay (pictured at the height of an English spring) where I while away the days building sand castles and reading the local papers.

Among the normally cheerful stories of fetes and flower shows I have just read the ghastly tale of a suicide by decapitation with a chainsaw. And in the midst of the awful details a reporter solemnly wrote: "Paramedics and police were called to the flat where a man had suffered serious injuries and was later pronounced dead."

Technically he was correct, in that even a headless corpse is not legally dead until a doctor signs a death certificate. A cub reporter used to covering the humdrum doings of a seaside resort might almost be forgiven for assuming that if the victim was not legally dead he must be described as "seriously injured".

But the sub who left this howler in place – and left me feeling guilty for laughing out loud when I read it – deserves a slap on the wrist, don't you think?