Kitchen Tip: Decrease Calories, Not Taste!

This is such a simple & easy thing to do – and you’ll easily save yourself calories because the tip I’m sharing today has to do with cheese. 

Yep.  That delicious goodness. 

That’s also high in fat and calories. 

In our house, we do fat; we don’t run from it, or avoid it.  You won’t catch reduced fat cheese in our kitchen.  No way.   

So, what’s a girl to do? 

Two tips for you to cut calories, but still use the real deal:

1) If a recipe calls for cheddar cheese, use extra sharp cheddar and reduce the cheese amount in the recipe by 25%. 

2) If you are making a layered casserole that requires you to put cheese in the middle of the casserole, such as the Three Cheese Ziti our family loves… skip the cheese layer in the middle.  Yep.  You’ll be fine. 

Save the cheese for the top where it gets all nice and brown and bubbly and enjoy it there.   Then, you can get by with 50% less cheese. 

These are simple tricks, we do them all the time and no one has ever complained. 

Now you can have your cheese and eat it too. 

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